Goals & Objectives in Customer Care in a Call Center

Consumers who call the customer service department of your call center are typically individuals who have a problem, concern or complaint and are looking for assistance. Handling these people in an appropriate manner can help ensure your customers remain satisfied, repeat buyers who speak well of your company. Dismissing callers or forcing them to wait on hold for long periods of time can result in a negative image of your company and its products and services. Promptly Answered Calls A frustrated customer will only grow more agitated if forced to wait on hold for a significant period of time for a customer service call center representative. Make an effort to answer calls as soon as possible and offer customers automated options, such as access to frequently asked questions that may address common calling concerns. Also give callers the option of leaving a message or connecting with an online operator via your company website. Knowledgeable Staffers Train your customer service call center representatives appropriately so they are able to address and resolve the most frequent call concerns. A company representative who has to continually put a caller on hold, consult a manager or otherwise make the customer wait, or who provides inaccurate information, will only make the situation worse. Regularly train your call center representatives and employ the use of role-playing activities to ensure high-quality levels of service. Customer Resolution A goal of a customer service call center should be to adequately resolve the caller’s concern during the first conversation attempt. A customer who is disconnected, has an unresolved issue or is otherwise left with a feeling of dissatisfaction may speak negatively about your company and is unlikely to be a repeat customer. If a follow-up conversation is required, make sure it is handled promptly. Ask customers if their call was resolved to their satisfaction to ensure your service levels remain high. Good Company Representation The customer who contacts your call center customer service line is going to base his perception of your company and products and services on the attention he gets from the representative he's speaking with. Ensure your call center staffers are courteous, polite and able and willing to show empathy to callers. Impersonal, abrupt or rude staffers will give callers a negative image of your company and can hurt your business. Don’t allow representatives to argue with customers, rush them through a call or otherwise provide poor service. Source:

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