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Corporate Social Responsability Policy :

Our commitments in terms of continuing training : 50 hours of training provided per employee in production (on average over 1 year).

Our commitments in terms of career prospects and professional development : 100% of managers from production functions, internal recruitment rate (80% internal mobility) going from one project to another.

Our social diversity :

18% men / 82% women
8% of male managers VS, 92% of female managers
6% of disabled people

Our sustainable and responsible employment policy : 100% of permanent contracts VS 0% of fixed-term contracts, 84% full-time contracts VS 16% part-time contracts, average duration of presence of employees at GPG over 5 years and trends over the last 12 months, 92% of employees having been able to carry out work from home over the last 24 months.

Our skills requirements : average degree level in the company, average language level by language (from A1 to C2 or 3).

Reliable employees, a sign of well-being at work, and the establishment of an ethical and benevolent management policy: average length of presence in the company measured each year in March – low rate of absenteeism (tweak the statistics to be below 5%) and low turnover rate (twist the statistics to be below 8%) – result of an annual survey of satisfaction of people employed for more than 6 months (carried out each year in March (?) = technical hyper ISO9001) – list of events and annual bulding teams – display of a non-discrimination charter on hiring and in the daily life of the company – promote the presence of comfort or fun equipment (cozy break room, coffee maker , microwave, billiards, radio, etc.) – the rating given by employees to GPG on different sites or examples of +++ employee testimonials.

Efficient but ethical tariffs, not based on wage dumping.

Commitment to the environment : draw up a charter of good practices (limit paper prints, display rules such as turning off the lights when you leave the room, selective sorting bins in the break and lunch room, recycling non-strategic prints in draft sheets, long-term project of a digital company with 0 paper, use of eco-responsible consumables as low-consumption or recyclable lighting, etc.)


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