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Community Management :

Your online community consists of your current Customers, your target audiences, all the people who interact with your brand (directly and indirectly) and/or are found on the web as in comments. This ecosystem must be alive and well mastered to allow your business to interact with your existing and prospective Customers, answer questions, even positive and negative comments. In some cases, your site, forum or other communities must also be animated more actively, that is to say in a more dynamic and proactive manner, via the production of content. We have nearly 15 years of experience in this field, a well-established, trained and experienced team to help you with the best quality/price ratio.

Community management or Community Management consists of defining the core target of the company on social networks, defining the networks where you have to be present, doing thematic monitoring, exchanging with your community, informing and creating commitment and relevant content, etc. Not all companies have the means to hire a Community Manager or a team capable of managing all these tasks in a permanent, relevant and proactive manner. This is what GPG does via dedicated or shared staff.

The advantages of our Community Management services :
  • Get valuable feedback
  • Master and channel customer complaints to convert them into positive feedback
  • Turn Customers into loyal fans
  • Convince influencers and potential Customers
  • Network with and collaborate with other brands
  • Be a strong voice in a comment section
  • Animate your community in general or any other mission you may need
The following are an example of some of the web moderation solutions that we can offer you :
  • GPG team will animate and increase your community on Social Media pages Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Quora, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit
  • GPG team will animate and increase your community on Forums, Blogs and other Platforms posting comments and participating in online discussions
  • GPG team will animate and increase your community on Dating Sites (Chats)
  • GPG team will animate and increase your community creating positive/negative Reviews

The tasks that are usually assigned to a web animator include :

  1. Regularly update sections of the website
  2. Create original content, search for useful information to update content, increase SEO and external links
  3. Moderate comments on content in order to respond to messages received from users
  4. Analyze and optimize content visibility based on search preferences

The following is a breakdown chart that illustrates GPG’s average workload in terms of online animation :

Workload Type

Online Animation


Average hours/month in 2019

With the support of an experienced Community Manager in charge of your online content, our clients report tangible benefits related to time, to the GPG resources mobilized: increased flow of new prospects, better match between content and targeting of prospects


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