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Content Moderation :

Content moderation refers to the practice of monitoring the submitted content and applying a set of rules, defining what is acceptable and what is not. Unwarranted and inappropriate dialog, such as written insults, slander or racist implications, can destroy your organization’s online brand image. Sites or web pages that offer an interaction between its users/visitors are in need of a moderator, in order to ensure that terms of use, compliance and moral decency is upheld. At GPG, each support services moderator is committed to upholding the editorial standards and policies of the Client.

GPG Content moderation service includes:

  • Pre-moderation – when the submitted content to your website is placed in a queue to be checked by a moderator before it is visible to all
  • Post-moderation – all content is displayed on the site immediately after submission, but replicated in a queue for a moderator to pass or remove afterwards.
  • Text/comments
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Audio files

GPG Content moderation service involves categorizing, moderating, and rating content related to your brand or product on the Internet according to a pre-determined set of rules and regulations. GPG multilingual team will moderate various content on the Internet, including written content, videos, and pictures and comments that are left by readers on blog articles or videos, shared pictures and music on social media. The process may involve external requirements (copyright laws), as well as internal requirements (terms and conditions of a website).

The objective is to encourage users of your content to continue sharing and communicating via your posted content but to ensure that the process is being accomplished productively and supports the brand image that your organization is trying to promote.

GPG can administrate and manage the moderation of your organization’s website, landing pages, social portals and any other site that requires moderation or animation, including all technical aspects required to implement a 3G visual animation, live video and webcam chat.

Listed below are some of the web moderation solutions that we offer:

  • Profiles moderation: categorizing and filtering of user profiles subscribed to your online content. – Profiles creation and sign-up promotion, in support of platform launches;
  • Image refurbishing: retouch support services for clearer, more vibrant images;
  • For personal data: we filter information in order to retain only the profiles that match your interest (age, sex, status, etc.).

For the successful accomplishment of its mission, the web animator must:

  • filtering the profiles of the users, subscribed to your website.
  • moderate your media files (images, audio, video) and edit inappropriate links that are not constructive in the support of your organization’s online image.
  • support the appearance of your online presence, by viewing and editing comments (especially ones with spam or corrupt text) that could be inappropriate or unwarranted do your blog.

Below you may find the breakdown chart showing our company’s average workload in terms of online moderation.

Workload Type

Online Moderation


Average hours/month in 2019

The advantages of our web moderation solutions are:

  1. We fully support your requirements with our experienced and professional multilingual teams
  2. Our service fees for moderation services are economical even for smaller volumes, thanks to our supporting technology and efficient scaling of our resources.
  3. We moderate your content 24/7, in near real time

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