GPG Call Center & BPO Solutions is thrilled to announce the grand opening of our latest contact center
and business process outsourcing facility in Bucharest, Romania.
This strategic expansion reinforces GPG's commitment to providing exceptional services to our clients
while harnessing the immense potential offered by the vibrant city of București!

We understand the importance of the ideal location for our operations, so we decided to expand into Romania after taking into account the following:

  • Labor Availability: Bucharest boasts a large and diverse talent pool, ensuring we can meet our hiring goals without compromising on quality.

  • Labor Costs: By choosing Bucharest, we leverage competitive labor costs while maintaining the highest standards of service.

  • Economic Incentives: Taking advantage of economic incentives provided by the Romanian government enables us to optimize our operational costs.

  • Language Skills: With Bucharest's multilingual workforce, we can seamlessly provide support in various languages, catering to our diverse clientele.

  • Time Zones: Bucharest's strategic location ensures optimal time zone coverage, facilitating efficient operations and client support.

  • Employee Benefits: Our comprehensive benefits package ensures that our team members are well taken care of, enhancing their overall satisfaction and productivity.

  • Business Continuity: Bucharest's robust infrastructure ensures uninterrupted operations, even during unforeseen circumstances such as pandemics.

Double the Advantage: Choose Your Path with GPG - Romania or Moldova, or Both!

Outsourcing to Romania:

Outsourcing to Moldova:

Skilled Workforce and Language Proficiency:

Romania boasts a highly skilled workforce, with a significant portion
proficient in multiple languages. According to recent data, over 80%
of Romanian professionals are proficient in English, with additional
proficiency in languages such as French, German, and Italian.
This makes Romania an ideal destination for companies seeking
multilingual support for their outsourcing needs.

Cost-Effectiveness and Fiscal Incentives:

Moldova offers cost-effective outsourcing solutions, with significantly
lower labor costs compared to neighboring countries. The Moldovan
government provides fiscal incentives and tax breaks to foreign investors
in the IT and BPO sectors, further enhancing the cost-effectiveness of outsourcing
to the country. According to recent studies, labor costs here can be up to 50%
lower than in other Eastern European countries, making it an attractive
destination for companies seeking to optimize their operational expenses.

Geopolitical Stability and Industry Expertise:

Romania has enjoyed relative geopolitical stability and a favorable
business environment conducive to outsourcing activities.
With a well-established IT and BPO industry, Romania offers
expertise across various sectors, including software development,
customer support, and back-office operations. According to
industry reports, Romania's outsourcing industry grew by 12%
in the past five years, demonstrating its resilience and
attractiveness to foreign investors. 

Emerging Talent Pool and Growing Industry Presence:

Moldova's outsourcing industry is experiencing steady growth,
supported by an emerging talent pool and a favorable business
environment. With a focus on education and skill development,
Moldova produces a growing number of professionals capable of delivering
high-quality services. Recent statistics indicate a 15% increase
in the number of IT graduates in Moldova over the past five years,
reflecting the country's commitment to nurturing its talent pipeline.
Moldova's strategic location in Eastern Europe offers convenient access
to European markets, further enhancing its appeal to
companies seeking outsourcing opportunities.


With the opening of our Bucharest office, GPG reaffirms its commitment to delivering exceptional services to our clients worldwide.
Our experienced team, coupled with cutting-edge technology, ensures unparalleled solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

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Outsourcing your call center needs to GPG in Bucharest can benefit your business in several ways. Firstly, our location in Bucharest provides access to a diverse talent pool, ensuring that you have access to skilled professionals for your operations. Additionally, our competitive labor costs allow you to optimize your operational expenses without compromising on service quality. Moreover, by leveraging our multilingual workforce, we can provide support in various languages, catering to the needs of your diverse clientele. 

Yes, our services in Bucharest are indeed multilingual and available round-the-clock, 365 days a year. With a workforce proficient in multiple languages and a commitment to uninterrupted operations, we ensure that your business receives comprehensive support whenever you need it. Whether you require customer assistance, technical support, or any other service, our team in Bucharest is ready to assist you in delivering exceptional service to your clients.

With over 17 years of industry experience, coupled with our cost-effective Moldovan office benefiting from government incentives, we offer unparalleled value. Our seasoned management team ensures flexibility in meeting client demands, while our AI-assisted call center and back-office services guarantee efficiency and excellence.

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