Pros and Cons of Call Center Offshore Outsourcing for Business

Call center offers the inbound and outbound both the services to others companies no matter the product and services offering is related to inshore or offshore. An offshore outsource call center business mostly worked as a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), its mean the agent or representatives have not directly relation to the company. Offshore outsourcing business have many pros as well as cons itself, the service provided by the offshore center can be include inbound and outbound services, technical support, chat support, financial support centers. Outsource service should be define by the Larry Elder’s quote, “Outsourcing and globalization of manufacturing allows companies to reduce costs, benefits consumers with lower cost goods and services, cause economics expansion that reduces unemployment and increase productivity and job creation”. Offshore outsourcing can be describe as an external provider located outside of your located company and operate as a part of your company. The pros of external service is; the external service provider have keen experience over outsourcing business, they manages the hiring and trained the agent, maintain the software, infrastructure and manage the companies record on daily basis. PROS OF CALL CENTER OUTSOURCING: If up define content attracts you and you are interested in savings your valuable time, money and productive resources then outsourcing is the best option for your business. Below define the Pros of offshore outsourcing of call center. Cost Effective: Most beneficial pros of offshore outsourcing is cost effective because to setup a new call center is not easy as it’s like. As define above, to start a new call center or setup a service center for established business is not an easy work to do, it requires the hiring of skilled person, training of the agents and maintenance of infrastructure as well manage the daily records is not an easy job. Call Center Mistakes that are Dragging Your Business Down, outsource allows to save these costs and hire an offshore who provide his services to your customers. It is easy and effective way to save the cost. Resource Utilization: To start a new customer center for your customers is much difficult as it’s like because when you hire a new staff as a representatives of your company, may be No Proper Training of Agents make an hurdle for your newly setup. It’s better than to start up a new business hire an offshore call center for your business those trained staff utilize their 100% resources for your customers and you will utilize your best resources for your company. Access to Skilled Work Force: Through outsourcing process, one of the pros of offshore outsourcing is to access the skilled representatives they deal with your customers and will provide their best services in cost effective rates that will be pros / beneficial for the company. Access to Latest Technology: One of the finest pros of outsource offshore business is, Offshore call center managers have complete research on latest technology, they know well which software is more helping and then they invest in the best technology for multi-channel and improve contact with customers through latest technology. 24/7 Service Center: The best pros of outsource business is 24/7 service provided by the offshore call center in very cost effective range. Customers love to pick up the call and dealing with agents to solve their problems and the best thing is they offshore outsource call center offer 24/7 services to their customers that is much efficient for your business. CONS OF OUTSOURCING CALL CENTER: Outsourcing call center service not only have the pros but also cons itself. Here down some of the cons of outsourcing call center. Cultural Barrier: One of the biggest cons of outsourcing is cultural barrier for both the countries. Culture and language become the big hurdle and cons in outsource services. Whatever it’s a language, accent or culture the difference of these things easily did separated both the customers and the agent easily. Customer dissatisfaction: The disadvantages of outsource business is, the customer never satisfy through the agent because of many difference and gaps between the agent and the customers. Sometimes it become the impossible task to satisfy the customer because of less knowledge and less command over the product. Training issues: Outsource agent have not much aware about the product, reason behind this cons is they are not directly related to the company profile and are not aware day to day performances of business. The trainers for call center agents are probably comes to train the staff otherwise agents work on their own struggle. Less information about the product become the hurdle in the way to success of outsourcing business. CONCLUSION: The call center business either inshore or offshore have pros as well as cons itself. The purpose of offshore outsource is to provide the higher service level to the customers to satisfy them from the product and company. Behind every successful business there will be always hard working staff and representatives of the company. For the successful business, agents must aware about the product and services provided by the company and fully command over the words and language. Multilingual is also the pros of outsource call center business. So I conclude this article by these words “For successful business or call center, we firstly loyal with our company, then our customers and then with ourselves”. Source:

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