Quick Guide to Data Collection Outsourcing

Quick Guide to Data Collection Outsourcing

Gathering high-quality data is one of, if not the most important determining factor in the success of any machine learning model.

However, data collection can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process for any business.

Data collection outsourcing, with the help of a competent third-party vendor, can scale up any business and help save time, money, and manpower.

Outsourcing is often a thorough process, but with the right partner, it always pays off in the long run.

In this guide, we’ll go over why you should consider outsourcing your data collection services and how to choose the best service provider.

What is data collection outsourcing?

Data collection outsourcing is the process of delegating data collection tasks to an external service provider specializing in end-to-end data collection services.

They collect the data from various sources and tailor-fit them according to the client’s specific needs or goals.

Outsourcing data collection tasks include the gathering of data on text, audio and speech, image, and video.

Why outsource data collection services?

Companies outsource their data collection services for many reasons.

More so if in-house research and collection are not feasible, they can turn to data collection companies.

Such providers implement specialized processes to help the client procure the qualitative and quantitative data needed.

Here are some benefits of outsourcing data collection services:

  • Efficiency - Collecting data in various forms takes a lot of time and often hampers in-house employees’ productivity. This task is better delegated to a third-party service provider already equipped with a well-trained workforce, proven portfolio, and innovative, bespoke technologies.
  • Cost-effectiveness - Experienced data collection companies can help reduce operational costs and overheads, as they already have the required technologies, processes, best practices, and infrastructure in place.

  • Personalization - Machine learning models can only be as efficient as the data they are fed. A data collection service provider not only collects data but also personalizes its services according to project requirements and business goals. 

  • Data efficacy - Experienced data outsourcing partners are equipped with tools and skills that enable them to collect and handle high-quality, accurate, and large amounts of data. By partnering with a reputable and capable company, you can guarantee that the process will be more seamless and effective.

Outsourcing is not a decision that is made overnight.

Choosing the right partner could change the course of your business.

When it comes to picking which outsourcing company to work with, there are certain things you need to consider.

How to choose the best data collection outsourcing company?

From costs to the quality of work, data collection companies have varying characteristics that put them at an advantage. 

  • Highly Skilled and Diverse Workforce - Behind every successful machine learning project is the workforce capable of feeding the model with high-quality data. When scouting data collection companies for a project, consider a vendor with a highly skilled, diverse, and scalable workforce.

  • Robust Experience - You should also ensure that the third-party provider is experienced in handling the specific requirements of your project. Research thoroughly all your options to choose the most capable partner. 

  • Cutting-Edge Technology - Is the third-party vendor equipped with the latest technology, tools, and infrastructure to handle your project? All these play a big role in data collection efficiency. Cutting corners when it comes to tools and technology could lead to untoward outcomes such as reduced functionality and security and technical issues. 

  • Optimal Data Security - Data involved in any project can be highly sensitive and confidential, so an outsourcing company should be able to provide a high level of data security. With issues like data breach attacks happening every day, it’s up to the third-party service provider to ensure that their data is both well-protected and updated.

The journey to outsourcing data collection services can be a long and arduous process that involves thorough planning and research.

Even groundbreaking brands had their fair share of challenges in outsourcing.

Fortunately, they partnered with a company that believes in providing innovative and disruptive business solutions.

The Answer is Us

With over a decade of experience, GPG is a leading data collection services provider for some of the world’s most disruptive brands.

We work with 150+ teammates spanning 3 countries, providing top-notch data collection services. 

Beyond data collection, we make sure that we have the right tools, technology, and best practices in place in order to provide ridiculously good services to our clients.

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