Sports Translation Services: A Short Guide

Sports Translation Services: A Short Guide

Sport is a truly global language. Fans and participants all over the world know the meaning of every stroke, every strike, and every moment.

But they won’t know the meaning of your marketing materials if they’re not translated properly.

Are you a major sports media network or a leading website or blog forum that produces a variety of sports content and needs to translate your videos and articles into German or Japanese?

Kickwords provides sports organizations and media networks with the best sports translation services.  


Why Do You Need Sports Translation Services?

Sport is one of the most internationalized phenomena that transcends national borders, thanks in large part to the tremendous success of the International Olympic Games over the past 100 years. The Superbowl, the FIFA World Cup, the Olympic Games… the world’s biggest sporting events are broadcast in almost every country.

Translation, adaptation, localization, subtitling, dubbing, and many other language techniques are used to do so, otherwise, foreign countries would not be able to follow these sporting events.

Translation of sports content creates understanding, which in turn leads to increased sales of sports event tickets both in-person and online, greater TV viewership, plus more money spent on sports catalogs, clothing, and accessories, and increased sports website traffic.

Well-translated sports articles and media content also can help you achieve global SEO success that in turn promotes your brand in English as well as other languages.

The reach of a video game is multiplied tenfold when translated. With North America, China and South Korea showing the highest demand in this field, translating and localizing games is one of the most important challenges for a company in this industry.

Sports translation services require highly specialist, in-depth technical knowledge of the basics and tactics of individual sports, the regulations that govern them, and the management of sports events.

Quality language translation services are increasingly the key to ensuring the best international audience experience regardless of the type of sport – soccer, basketball, football, baseball, or swimming – and grow global revenue.


What Are the Challenges of Sports Translation Services?

Every sport has its own jargon, a vocabulary that the audience demands, and that the translator specializing in sports must speak, understand, and most importantly, know how to translate with passion, rigor, and efficiency from one language into another.

Furthermore, the economic activity generated by sport is as competitive as the sport itself.

The number of international consumers and spectators of sports-related products is high, and all these companies and professionals need their customers if they are to remain in the market, offering these customers added value and speaking their language.


Sports Translation Services by Kickwords

Kickwords Ltd. provides the sports industry with the best translators, specialized in sport, to manage any type of translation (media, commercial, marketing, financial, legal, medical…) on a single platform.

We provide fast and accurate language translations for all international sports:

·         American Football

·         Archery

·         Badminton

·         Baseball

·         Cricket

·         Bowling

·         Boxing

·         Curling

·         Tennis

·         Skateboarding

·         Surfing

·         Hockey

·         Figure Skating

·         Yoga

·         Fencing

·         Fitness

·         Gymnastics

·         Karate

·         Volleyball

·         Weightlifting

·         Basketball

·         Rugby

·         Wrestling

·         Auto Racing

·         Cycling

·         Running

·         Table Tennis

·         Fishing

·         Judo

·         Rock Climbing

·         Billiards

·         Shooting

·         Horse Racing

·         Golf

·         Swimming

·         Soccer


Sports Commentary Translation

Sports translation situations are often highly pressurized and ‘at the moment’, just like the games and contests to which they relate. Commentary translation, for example, happens instantly and with no room for error.


Sports PR Translation

PR is important in all areas of the sports industry. A unified and culturally relevant message is vital, whether you’re a team or individual whose achievements and failures are communicated to the media or an organization that provides the infrastructure of international competitions.

The corporate social responsibility commitments of kit manufacturers, the tendering process for new venue construction—every move and every word happen under intense scrutiny, leaving it open to the potential of negative interpretation.

It is the nuances that make-or-break PR. To avoid scandal and prove due diligence in everything from risk assessing factory conditions to revealing directorial bonus structures, companies involved with big sports need the services of skilled translators.


Sports E-Learning Materials Translation

Are you developing sports education and training courses to teach international coaches, athletes, volunteers, and sports clubs and need expert language translation services to localize your learning content?

Whether you need interactive courses, videos, subtitles, voice-over, or quizzes translated, we have the linguistic talents and localization professionals to get the job done with efficiency.


Sports Medicine Translation

An unfortunate but realistic part of playing sports is injuries.

Though people do their best to take precautions and prevent injuries when they do happen everyone deserves the best care possible.

That is why it is important for doctors and patients to be able to understand each other clearly.

Doctors also need to be able to accurately read a patient’s medical history. Because of these things, language services may be needed.

In addition, physical therapy is common with sports injuries, and it requires close communication between the therapist and the patient to be effective.

Miscommunications can be devastating to athletes, and so quality translation services are a must.








Source: Sports Translation Services: The Ultimate Guide


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