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Our experienced workforce can deliver professional operational support for your business round the clock and throughout the year

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Focus on your core competencies and delegate your operational support functions to GPG
in order to significantly lower overhead costs and increase productivity



To help your business with managing and organizing databases and information, GPG offers complete backend data management solutions by combining operational support expertise with the latest software tools. 


GPG serves communication teams through a deeper analysis of television, radio, web, social, and print content. You can now find the insight you need, while capturing more of your media mentions, with our news monitoring and PR measurement tools!


Whether you have yet to integrate a CRM solution in your company or need additional support, our team helps you effectively improve business relationships by understanding your customer needs, analyzing behaviour patterns, streamlining client communication and much more.


Our multilingual team can moderate various content on the Internet, including written content, videos, and pictures and comments that are left by readers on blog articles or videos, shared pictures and music on most popular social media platforms.

Depending on your needs, the specifics of the campaign, the operational language, the availability and volume as well as the schedule, we will decide together the best team solution: an office-based, remote or hybrid team, all those options are available.

In general, the processes that consume a lot of manpower and that will allow you to lower your operational costs and especially to turn your fixed costs into variable costs. There are a lot of processes that can be outsourced: customer service, data entry, animation and moderation of your online communities, your accounting, your HR; the list is long and in reality, all the processes that are not your core business can actually be outsourced as long as there is enough stability in these processes so that they can be assimilated by teams specialized in this type of support. It's worth mentioning, that there is a trend to outsource more and more complicated and value-added processes as well.

Our technical infrastructure includes several internet channels supported by the fiber-optic internet broadband. All of our workstations benefit from an average of 30 Mb/sec internet speed, antivirus network and firewalls installed to prevent data breaches and we have developed our own automatic call routing software, as well as using Elastix predictive platform.


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