How Literary Translation Can Shift the Tides of Power
by | Jul 14,2022
Close your eyes. What do you picture when you hear China? How about Japan, or Korea? Did a particular scene, person, or image come to mind? If you’ve never lived in or travelled to one of these countries—and even if you have—those images probably came from something ...
Focus on One Thing, or Diversify?
by | Jul 14,2022
A prevailing nugget of advice that you can offer to new business owners is that it's vital to focus on the one thing it's good at, and perhaps focus on one sort of audience in the process. While that approach could be sound and well-intended, it also introduces a few...
Outsourcing Solutions To Transform Your Telco Enterprise
by | Jul 13,2022
Outsourcing refers to a business practice where the hosting company outsources routine tasks to a third party. The seller company primarily earns savings overheads, saves time, and focuses on key aspects of the business. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the repr...
Benefits of Offshoring & Your Guide to Offshoring Strategy
by | Jul 12,2022
Offshoring is the process of moving some of a business’s operations to a foreign country. The increasing global expansion of businesses has made offshoring an attractive option for those looking to reduce their costs. Here’s a quick overview of offshoring advantag...
3 Benefits of Outsourcing Market Research
by | Jul 11,2022
Business market research is done to determine if a product or service will meet the needs of customers. It involves gathering facts about the product or service, and how users interact with it. Proper market research can provide valuable information about what your c...
What is Outsourced Accounting and how will it benefit YOU?
by | Jul 08,2022
  You’re the one who wears all the hats. You’ve put in efforts to grow your company. However, the tax deadlines, payroll, receipts, invoices, and spreadsheets are confusing you at this point in your business. Outsourcing accountant work is ideal for relieving...

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