Proofreading Learning Material & Content
by | Nov 09,2022
We’re here as a pair of eagle eyes to iron out the final creases in your publication, eradicating errors that might distract from your ideas and undermine your credibility....
Easy Ways to Improve Your Customer Onboarding
by | Nov 09,2022
Client onboarding aims to show the value of the product to users and help to reach their “first success” quickly. It increases the profit of the company and other business metrics....
Customer Retention Today: More Important Than Ever
by | Nov 08,2022
Whether an individual is a longtime customer looking for a new product or a potential customer looking for a company that will best suit their needs, being able to create a single customer view and market directly to the unique interests and demands of an audience member will play a crucial role in future acquisition and retention....
Video Translations - Improve the ROI of your Campaigns in 2022
by | Nov 08,2022
88% of buyers have been convinced to make a purchase by watching a brand’s video, while 73% of them named a short video their preferred way to learn about a product or a service. In this way, focusing translation efforts on video can be beneficial!...
How to Build a Call Center Culture for Effective Results
by | Nov 07,2022
The key to building a productive environment within your call center/contact center is to provide continuous training and support to each of your agents. The more you invest in your employees, the more they’ll invest in your customers....
What I’ve Learned from Running a Contact Centre
by | Nov 04,2022
Nothing compares to the buzz of the contact centre floor. There was always someone different to talk to and learn from and there was always something going on....

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