How to Develop a B2B Marketing Strategy
by | Aug 05,2022
B2B marketing is complicated — to win, you've got to focus on generating demand, finding the right buyers, and tracking those buyers through the funnel so you can connect at the perfect moment. But, before we dive into generating demand, qualifying leads, and all tha...
Design Thinking: Why it matters in Global Growth & Localization
by | Aug 04,2022
Design thinking is a non-linear way of developing original products and services through an iterative process of understanding users, challenging assumptions, and redefining problems. It involves continuous prototyping and testing, and in its best application, even h...
How to Hire Call Center Agents
by | Aug 04,2022
Whether you're running a small business call center or enterprise contact center, you need skilled and qualified agents, which means going beyond a simple resume review. This guide will cover the steps you should take throughout the hiring process to attract the most...
by | Aug 03,2022
All Language Service Providers (LSPs) follow certain industry best practices to give clients the highest quality translations. Unfortunately, most translation tests don’t allow language vendors to adhere to those best practices as they would with a real project...
by | Aug 03,2022
The sales cycle is the process that companies use to identify and qualify potential customers, build relationships, and close deals. We can divide the sales cycle into the following five stages: prospecting, research, outreach, presentation, and closing. I remembe...
by | Aug 02,2022
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a paradigm shift in corporate training over the recent past. In a post-COVID world, eLearning is still relevant because it transcends geographical boundaries and costs. Accessible training programs is one of the key characteris...

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