Live Chat vs. Phone Support: Which Is Right for Your Business?
by | Dec 19,2022
How businesses engage with customers is crucial. Those that fail to provide their customers with the right answers, at the right time, over the right channel are at a competitive disadvantage....
B2B Lead Generation In 2023: 3 Ways to Improve Your Business
by | Dec 16,2022
It’s an important part of the process of business development to identify and pursue prospective customers for your product or service. The post discusses 3 ways for B2B lead generation in 2023 to improve the business prospects of your organization....
How to be a Translation Project Manager
by | Dec 16,2022
As businesses go global, increased human interaction and communication become a necessity. In this regard, the field of translation has expanded the market on a colossal scale. The most important role in this globetrotting is that of a Translation Project Manager!...
B2B Holiday Trends to Look Out For
by | Dec 13,2022
In B2B marketing, it’s essential to know what does and does not work for your audience before creating your content....
Language vs. Dialect: What's the Difference?
by | Dec 13,2022
Dialect and Language: Are they similar? Are they majorly different? What makes a language? Is a dialect a lesser form of a language? You can say it really is essentially a language that has not been awarded this prestigious title. What’s the difference between these two?...
by | Dec 07,2022
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