10 Customer Service Statistics You Need to Know in 2022
by | Jun 30,2022
After spending all that time and effort sourcing for the perfect dropshipping product to sell and setting up your business, your online marketing strategy is finally in place and the first sales are starting to come in. But before you lay back and relax, there’s one ...
Building Brand Loyalty in Franchise Marketing – A Smart Guide for 2022
by | Jun 29,2022
Investing in a franchise is a great way to dial into an already established business framework. New franchises benefit by buying into a well established customer base, from all-encompassing sector knowledge and a well regarded industry reputation. However, this can all ...
The Importance of Accurate Data Entry in Business
by | Jun 28,2022
Data entry is among the most vital elements of a company’s success. Because the recorded data is essential for critical company operations, data entry activities must frequently be hastened. Data entry preserves all key company information in one place and in the cor...
Co-CEOs: Are Two Better than One?
by | Jun 27,2022
“Co-CEOs are ideal in many situations, especially when the executives provide oversight of each other’s actions and have complementary skill sets,” says Stephen Ferris, a finance professor and Rogers Chair of Money, Credit and Banking at the University of Missouri’s Tru...
Outsourcing 101: Pros, Cons and First Steps
by | Jun 24,2022
What is outsourcing? This business practice has taken the world by storm. But, why? And what to outsource? What are the pros and cons of outsourcing? This Outsourcing 101 Infographic will give you a complete overview of this business practice, starting with what outs...
The Future of Contact Centers: Trends and Predictions
by | Jun 23,2022
If customers first call a company’s contact center (or call center), and then continue through chat, website, or even social, that’s completely their choice. Contact center agents, on the other hand, have only one choice — to be ready with insights and context, even ...

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