The Impact of Outsourcing in the Global Healthcare Industry
by | Nov 02,2022
Predicting problems and solving them before they bother the patient-customer has become the new norm. Customer experience in healthcare has come a long way and this is where healthcare business process outsourcing comes into play....
Translation vs Transliteration vs Transcription: The Differences Explained
by | Sep 01,2022
Working between two different languages is always a challenge. To ensure your message gets across, it’s usually a good idea to seek help from a professional. But which service do you need: translation, transliteration, or transcription? The answer lies in what you want ...
4 Tactics To Align Your Sales Strategy With Your Business Goals
by | Aug 30,2022
The sales department is liable for nurturing, generating, converting, and retaining leads, which helps ensure the success of an organization. However, there’s usually no specific emphasis on organizational leaders’ long-term goals, vision, and strategies. As a res...
Plus de 10 Outils pour les Traducteurs Anglais-Français
by | Aug 29,2022
Les traducteurs professionnels accumulent des connaissances et des outils traductifs au fur et à mesure de leur carrière, en fonction de leurs besoins et de leurs échanges. Mais qu’en est-il du débutant ? De l’étudiant qui se lance dans la traduction de l’anglais ver...
Outsourcing your Secretarial Service? Why should you do so?
by | Aug 29,2022
A secretarial service is not just making phone calls and scheduling appointments. As a company manager, you need to be able to rely on an organised, trained and professional person who will take charge of all tasks with low added value but that are much more strategi...
Why You Should Outsource Your Prospecting
by | Aug 26,2022
Sales prospecting is one of the most costly and time-consuming parts of the sales process. However, it’s necessary to find the qualified leads you want for your business. With strategic prospecting, it’s essential that you continue generating leads day in ...

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