Sports Translation Services: A Short Guide
by | Nov 04,2022
The wide world of sports has cultivated a universal audience. In every facet from sports websites and catalogs to 24/7 sports news coverage, the world of sports has become an ever-growing and productive industry....
App Localization Trends to Look Out For
by | Nov 03,2022
Mobile apps range from entertainment and games apps to personal finance to business-to-business apps to chat-apps to a host of other areas where consumers are actively scrolling through, searching for, clicking keys on the phones. Mobile apps offer an opportunity but if your target customers don’t speak your language, you’re in a tight spot trying to reach them, communicate with them, and sell to them....
Evolution of Outsourcing to Current and Future Trends
by | Nov 03,2022
It has long been a challenge for companies to find ways to boost their market share and profits by exploiting their competitive advantage....
The Impact of Outsourcing in the Global Healthcare Industry
by | Nov 02,2022
Predicting problems and solving them before they bother the patient-customer has become the new norm. Customer experience in healthcare has come a long way and this is where healthcare business process outsourcing comes into play....
Translation vs Transliteration vs Transcription: The Differences Explained
by | Sep 01,2022
Working between two different languages is always a challenge. To ensure your message gets across, it’s usually a good idea to seek help from a professional. But which service do you need: translation, transliteration, or transcription? The answer lies in what you want ...
4 Tactics To Align Your Sales Strategy With Your Business Goals
by | Aug 30,2022
The sales department is liable for nurturing, generating, converting, and retaining leads, which helps ensure the success of an organization. However, there’s usually no specific emphasis on organizational leaders’ long-term goals, vision, and strategies. As a res...

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