8 Best Customer Service Stories That Went Viral
by | Jul 29,2021
There’s a lot of bad news in the world. But you’re not going to find that here. Not today. Instead, we’re rounding up our favorite, most heart-warming and inspiring customer service stories that we’ve seen this year. Customer experience is everything. It determines ...
How to Be a Transparent Leader (and Why)
by | Jul 28,2021
Studies show that 57% of employees who quit their jobs are fleeing a bad leader. Another 32% are seriously considering quitting because of their manager. Are your people ready to quit you? Sadly, the old-school authoritarian method is still common despite decades of p...
Project Management Outsourcing
by | Jul 26,2021
Companies that have taken on very difficult projects usually find themselves in a stalemate. If internal human resources cannot perfectly manage the projects there is always one very important question that comes to mind. Should they consider outsourcing the company’s p...
The Hazards of a “Nice” Company Culture
by | Jul 23,2021
Have you ever attended a meeting that wasn’t the meeting? Everyone was pleasant and agreeable in the room, but then filed off to engage in back-channel conversations and hold kangaroo courts. This kind of charade is one of the many symptoms of a “nice” culture. But w...
The Entrepreneur’s Key to Success: Do what you love. Outsource the rest!
by | Jul 21,2021
When it comes to your business, you’ve perfected wearing many hats and having to be the one who gets everything done. As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you’ve invested lots of time working in your business, to get it to where it is today. But, the question qui...
12 Ecommerce Site Search Best Practices
by | Jul 20,2021
Site search is one of the most important yet most overlooked functions of any ecommerce site. Test these twelve design best practices to help improve your on-site conversions. It is rare to find a website manager who fully appreciates the importance of ecommerce site...

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