30 Unique Small Business Ideas to Try in 2022
by | Jun 02,2022
Have you been searching for the right unique small business ideas to try in 2022? You are in luck because we’ve compiled a detailed list of 30 small business ideas that are worth giving a try. Starting a business comes with numerous perks. You own your time, get a chanc...
How to unplug from work when work is where you unplug
by | Jun 01,2022
Social media company Buffer surveyed 3,500 remote workers from around the globe to get their insights into the pros and cons of remote work. The third biggest struggle of working remotely - just below loneliness and communication struggles - was not being able to discon...
What is Your True Calling and 8 Ways to Discover Yours!
by | May 31,2022
What is a true calling? A true calling is a career or walk of life that a person feels compelled or meant to do. Finding meaning in life is something people often spend a lot of time contemplating. Or some individuals may feel the passion so strong that they know qui...
Word of Mouth Marketing in 2022: How to Create a Strategy for Social Media Buzz & Skyrocket Referral Sales
by | May 30,2022
Finding new ways to generate ecommerce sales is getting tougher. Competition is fierce. And simply having a presence and a nice looking web store is no longer enough to make you stand out.   Winning nowadays requires strategy and squeezing the most out of every opportu...
La Moldavie vise à devenir un chef de file mondial de l'innovation, avec le soutien au plus haut niveau du président et du premi
by | May 20,2022
La présidente Maia Sandu a mis au défi les Moldaves de « Lancer l'innovation » pour tracer la voie vers un avenir nouveau et meilleur. La Moldavie est confrontée à de graves problèmes, qu'il s'agisse de migration, de fuite des cerveaux, de corruption, de dispar...
Top 5 des stratégies marketing tendances en 2022
by | May 17,2022
Le monde du numérique étant en perpétuelle croissance, les modes de vie et habitudes des individus ont dû changer en conséquence. C’est aussi le cas des stratégies marketing qui ont évolué et continuent de s’adapter aux changements, afin de mieux toucher les consommateu...

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